Political Party Development

9190tib-alamy620_1890721b.jpgNIMD Political Party Assistance Program supports the partner political parties in strategic planning and aims to assist them to strengthen organizational capacity, institutionalization and internal democracy.

NIMD Political Party Assistance Program is designed to support:

  * Comprehensive internal organizational analysis and institutional development of political parties;

  * Formation of a broadly accepted organizational development plans for political parties;

  * Strengthening of intra-party democracy, policy analysis and political party management capacities.


Democratic Reforms

NIMD’s Democratic reforms program aims to advance Georgia into a more effective, sustainable and consolidated democracy. Development of democratic legislation improves an overarching framework and creates favourable conditions for the development of a true multiparty system. At this stage, Democratic Reform program focuses on constitutional, local self-governance, gender and political party development issues. The program publishes policy papers, carries out polling and research, and support public discussions and informed policy debate.



Democracy Education 

Democracy Education Program is developed to strengthen the demand for democracy at a grassroots level and to create the necessary basis for political pluralism.  NIMD uses the extensive experience in Democracy Education worldwide, along with the knowledge of local expertise. NIMD operates democracy schools in Telavi, Gori, Kutaisi and Batumi. Democracy School is an in-depth, five-month educational program that focuses on democratic governance, democratic policy and political action issues. In addition, NIMD supports the graduates of the programme with small grants programs, strong alumni network and international exchange opportunities. Democracy education program is designed for the representatives of political, public, civil society and media sectors.


  Women’s Participation in Politics

To increase women's participation in politics the NIMD has established the multiparty taskforce focusing on the intra-party reforms and inter-party cooperation in order to support an increased women’s participation in Georgia’s political life. NIMD supports the taskforce with publications, thematic discussions, trainings, sharing of international experience and facilitating cooperation.


International Experience

NIMD has an extensive international experience of working globally on political dialogue, political party development and support to democratic reforms. NIMD in Georgia supports political parties, public sector and civil society organizations with its international experience and also provides an opportunity to share their experiences to other interested groups.